Hello Dear Writers and Readers,

We write this with some hard news. Due to the pandemic and social unrest and the havoc these are causing in our lives, we regret that we won’t be able to publish Dragon Poet Review this year. We kept thinking things would calm down and we’d be able to do it, but that just doesn’t seem to be happening. We wanted to let you know so that you could submit your work elsewhere. We hope that in the coming months we can get back on track and will post on our website and on Facebook when we reopen for submissions.

This has not be an easy choice for us as we love our little journal and value your creativity. However, like all of us, we need to focus on our health and safety right now. We hope you understand. And our apologies for the delay.

All the best and may you continue to write and read!

Thank you,
Jessica, Rayshell, and Jayne


Winter/Spring 2020 Submissions Now Open

Update 12/3/19: Poetry submissions met their limits and are now closed. But PROSE and ARTWORK are still open and ready for your works!

Here we are: in the thick of fall 2019 and with winter coming on, it’s time to think about submitting for the Winter/Spring 2020 issue! Submissions are now open!

To know more about our submissions guidelines, visit our Submissions Page or submit online now!

Summer / Fall 2018 Issue


As the weather here in North America changes from hot, humid late summer to cool, golden Autumn, settle in with a hot cup of coffee and light a pumpkin spiced candle to enjoy the richness of this issue of Dragon Poet Review, a lush harvest of diverse writers and artists spanning over five countries and twenty-two states.

  • Here’s a spicy, spooky excerpt to entice you, from a re-imagined fairy tale fit for Halloween: 

–from Baba Yaga, by Catherine Link:

” [ . . . ] During the night, Victoria heard groaning. Peeking into her grandmother’s bedroom, Victoria watched as the old woman cut her thumb open with a knife and squeezed blood into the doll’s bowl. The doll lifted the bowl to her lips and drank. A high-pitched squeaky voice spoke in a foreign language.

          The doll held the bowl out for more, and Grandmother laughed.

          “You greedy. Alright, I ask big wish. You deserve more.”

          Again and again, she sliced open her fingers and drained blood enough to fill the bowl. The doll drank, slurping blood like soup.

          In the morning, Grandmother looked happy. [ . . . ]”  

Read the story to find out what happens!

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Summer-Fall 2018 Issue Dragon Poet Review

Summer-Fall 2018 Dragon Poet Review

Cover Art: “Autumn,” Photography, Copyright © 2018 by Jianqing Zheng

Special Announcement:

We at Dragon Poet Review are pleased to welcome Jayne Shimko to our Editorial Board!  We are growing and growing here at the journal, and we are excited to see what the future holds. See her bio in the “About” section of this website.


Winter / Spring 2018 Issue

This Valentine’s Day, cuddle up with our latest issue of Dragon Poet Review. This is our most international issue yet, with writers and artists from more than five countries, and of course, states all across the USA, from “sea to shining sea.” So, grab a box of candy, a snuggly blanket, and cozy up by the fire with these beautiful voices from around the world. Here’s a little taste to whet your appetite:


Yvonne Carpenter

Like whiskers on the chin
of the Winter Witch,
snow wisps across the road.
She twirls her wide skirt,
chilling us with its stirring,
swats her great broom,
and kisses,
thrusting her icy tongue deeply
into our unwilling throats.
She coaxes calves
from the womb before they are ready.
then wraps their tender flesh in frost.
She leaches juice
from batteries,
turns ponds solid,
gleefully slams our cars, twists our bones.
Hear her howling
as she dances across our lowly conceits.


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Winter / Spring 2018 Issue Dragon Poet Review 

2018 Winter-Spring Issue Dragon Poet Review

Cover Art: “Mushroom Path,” Photography, Copyright © 2018 by Roxann Perkins Yates


Summer / Fall 2017 Issue

Dive in to the creative depths of the Summer / Fall 2017 Issue of Dragon Poet Review, featuring brilliant poetry, prose, and art, as well as a special interview with Susan Gardner of Red Mountain Press. Here is an excerpt from her poem, “Deep Water” from Lifted to the Wind: 

“[. . .]plunge in, drown in brilliant delight
weightless, jubilant
float besotted [. . .]”

So, too, do we hope you will “float besotted” in the richness of this issue! Enjoy!

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Summer / Fall 2017 Issue Dragon Poet Review

Summer Fall 2017 DPR


From “Trains in Marlow, Oklahoma” (Donald Levering) and “Chocolate Pie” (Terri Cummings), to “Croquet” (Ben Myers) and “Girls in Baseball Caps” (Ron Wallace), this issue of Dragon Poet Review shines with summer. So grab a glass of icy sun-tea, charge up your e-reader, find a shade-tree, and hit the hammock to beat the heat with this cool issue of some of the best poetry, art, and prose around!  Happy Summer!

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______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to Dragon Poet Review! We are currently accepting submissions for our Winter 2016 Issue. We are looking for previously unpublished poetry, flash fiction, short fiction, and short memoir, in addition to original photography, artwork, and book / film / art reviews. However, we may consider some previously published work, depending on the circumstances. Please see the Submission Guidelines for more information and deadlines.