Summer / Fall 2017 Issue

Dive in to the creative depths of the Summer / Fall 2017 Issue of Dragon Poet Review, featuring brilliant poetry, prose, and art, as well as a special interview with Susan Gardner of Red Mountain Press. Here is an excerpt from her poem, “Deep Water” from Lifted to the Wind: 

“[. . .]plunge in, drown in brilliant delight
weightless, jubilant
float besotted [. . .]”

So, too, do we hope you will “float besotted” in the richness of this issue! Enjoy!

We recommend opening the journal on your tablet or e-reader app (Kindle) for the best viewing / reading experience. Please click here (on the title) to open:

Summer / Fall 2017 Issue Dragon Poet Review

Summer Fall 2017 DPR


Summer / Fall 2017 Issue

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