Brain Fire (a little dragon blogging)

Joy. Contentment. Salt. Coffee. Poetry. Beauty.
Joy. Cats. My pup, Littlebear. Chocolate. The Lake. Joy. Poetry. Poetry. Joy. Joy. Joy.

Today, I decided to do something that brings me joy. I created this online journal and blog. I get a big rush from writing and reading and sharing with like-minded poets and creators . . . I hope you’ll join me in sharing some of my joy, my addiction to words and beauty.

I’m looking forward to the first issue of Dragon Poet Review, just because, hey, it makes me happy. Here’s to launching the “Dragon”! Cheers!
— ji


5 thoughts on “Brain Fire (a little dragon blogging)

  1. This is so exciting. I’m so proud of you. Look at what you’ve accomplished in a year since you decided to devote time to your dream. You’re inspirational, and I am wicked fortunate to be surrounded by writers like you. Thanks.

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